29er Mountain Bikes

Take adventure to the next level with a 29er Mountain bike! 29er mountain bikes are waiting for you to climb the highest peaks and ride the valley down to the river.

Riding a 29er Mountain Bike might be one of the most exhilarating activities you can do. Mountain biking has become a popular sport among people of all ages and mountain bike brands have responded to requests for better bikes. The 29er has been quickly carving it’s own path into the market and rolling over other bikes that get in the way.

Riders of all ages and skill level, from novice to expert love riding the 29er mtb because of it’s advantages over the 27.5 inch wheels of previous mountain bike models. What is a 29er mountain bike? It’s a mountain bike designed to accommodate 29 inch wheels, which create great benefits for riding through various terrain vs other wheel sizes and configurations, as we’ll talk about here.

Brands and models like the Canondale 29er, the Specialized 29, including the Specialized Hardrock 29er, the Diamondback 29er, and Trek 29er, especially the Mamba 29er from Trek are among the leading brands and brands you should consider when looking for a 29er mountain bike for sale, as these brands have bikes for everyone from the novice to the expert racer.

Because biking is one of the most in demand and popular recreational activities, there are a lot of bicycles that are engineered to make this sport more exhilarating and fun. The 29er mountain bike is no exception. If you’re looking for fun and adventure, the 29er mountain bike will fit the bill. So grab a 29er, get out and enjoy exercising.

Cannondale Mountain Biking 29ers

29ers, which are often called two-niners, are kinds of mountain bikes and hybrid bikes that are engineered using 700c or 622 mm inside rim diameter wheels — better known as 29” wheels. That may not mean much to you on paper, but it’s just a glimpse of the technical side of these well crafted bikes that have the cycling world talking.

These wheels are becoming very popular, not only in the United States, but around the world too. The popularity of the 29er can be attributed to the comfort and handling it provides to bikers. Whether experienced or novice, any biker will absolutely love the benefits of the 29 inch wheels. If you’re looking for a new mountain bike, consider looking for a 29er for sale and read 29er mountain bike reviews (found on the left) of 29ers that we are fond of.

Benefits of a 29er Mountain Bike

Countless bikers from beginner to advanced level cyclists love using the 29er mountain bikes because of the benefits that these units provide them. Some of the advantages of using the 29er mtb are the following:

Larger wheels than traditional mountain bikes.

Since these 29er mountain bikes have larger wheels, they tend to roll over the obstacles in a very easily and in an impressive way. The size of these wheels is 10% larger than the 26” wheel you may be used to and this makes them roll faster and further with less effort by the rider.

Those who ride 29ers report that they feel encompassed by the bike, and feel as if they’re riding ‘in’ the bike rather than on the bike. It’s said to be a unique feeling of being at one with the bike, something every rider should experience.

Diamondback 29er Mountain Bike

Incredible angular momentum.

Because the wheels of the 29ers are larger in diameter, they tend to give incredible angular momentum and maneuverability which means you can experience lesser impact when you’re riding through tough and more difficult trails and terrain.

The size of these wheels will help you reduce the fatigue that you encounter when you travel the tricky trails. Thus, they also provide you with soothing feeling even when you’re navigating hard obstacles, steep inclines, declines or rocky or rooty surfaces. The bike simply feels better to ride, regardless of the terrain you’re riding through.

Taller riders benefit from natural frame geometry.

Because of their size, they fit those riders who are taller and offer them magnificent natural frame geometry. These 29er bikes give better and smoother rides making the activity more fun and thrilling. Thus, they are also very efficient at making your ride stable most especially in higher speeds.

However, the 29ers shouldn’t be overlooked by shorter riders either. These bikes offer the benefits of a more comfortable, smoother ride and easy maneuverability over rugged terrain. All riders benefit from the 29 inch wheels and the design that comes with these style mountain bikes.

Better traction.

29er mountain bikes have far more contact area with the ground compared to those of smaller bikes, so they tend to provide better traction and grip while riding through loose gravel and muddy trails. This makes riding the 29er more enjoyable because you’ll feel more confident when encountering such conditions.

These are only some of the advantages of riding a 29er mountain bike and if you want to discover more of its features, I would suggest starting out with a Diamondback Overdrive or Recoil Comp 29er, if you’re a more advanced rider and wish to upgrade your 29er or are looking for a 29er to handle the very toughest of trails, I’d suggest the Cannondale Trigger. The 29er bike will surely give you the best ride and adventure that you have been yearning for. Make your ride a wonderful one and experience the thrilling and incredible factors that this mountain bike offers.

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