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About us – 29er Mountain Bike Lovers

We’re fun, outgoing people who live in New Hampshire, home of the White Mountains. There’s a gazillion mountain biking trails around here and the 29er mountain bikes are perfect for navigating each and every one of them. Riding through the white mountains is an exhilarating experience and one that everyone, from beginner to pro, should experience.

29er Mountain Bikes are becoming vastly popular among riders young and old. They’re easy to ride and provide benefits that other bikes just can’t compete with.

Browse through our site and read about various bikes and their benefits. Just like any other wheel size, the 29er bikes come from different brands and have different models. Some are made for professionals, some are made for intermediate riders and some are bikes that novice riders will feel comfortable with.

We have listed bikes from professional to novice and the price ranges reflect that as well.

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