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Can You Buy a Cannondale Bike Online?

The question often arises about buying Cannondale Bikes online. So, can you buy Cannondale Bikes online? Well, the answer is yes, and no. Cannondale does not allow it’s authorized dealers to sell through online channels or mail order. This is because when you buy a Cannondale in a store, you’ll get the bike completely assembled, adjusted and ready to ride.

However, you can buy a Cannondale online. If you’re looking to save money and buy a used bike with the convenience of buying it online, you can do so on ebay! There are loads of Cannondale bikes being sold online every day. So yes, you can buy a Cannondale Bike online, most of them are used – but you might find a stray new one that someone bought and rode a few times before putting it up for auction. You should realize that you are buying a used bike and Cannondale does not honor their warranty if you purchase one of their bikes online.

When buying a bike on ebay, make sure you ask all pertinent questions before making your bid or hitting that buy it now button. Be an educated buyer and you can score a great deal. It’s also important that once you receive your bike from a seller on ebay, to take it to your Cannondale bike dealer to have them inspect the bike, make any repairs or adjustments and do a full tune up. This is important for safe riding.

The last thing you want to do is hit the trails without knowing everything you can about your new (used) bike. It’s worth the money to have a shop look it over and do things right, it could save you from a trip to the ER…or worse.

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Cannondale Mountain

Cannondale’s Accomplishments

The Beginning

Now, lets get to know the Cannondale Brand and Bikes. Cannondale started off in 1971 in a tiny space over a pickle company, not as a bike manufacturer, but a bicycle accessory company. Their first invention was the Bugger, a trailer to hook onto your bicycle. The Cannondale Bugger was the first of it’s kind and gave cyclists a way of taking longer trips without clunky saddlebags or backpacks.

Cannondale Bugger Bicycle Trailer

Image Credit: Vintage Cannondale

Cannondale was carving their name into bicycling industry by providing riders with quality items. Along with the Bugger, Cannondale put their name on the map with their line of accessories and cycling apparel.

The Cannondale Touring

After years of proving themselves a valuable asset to the biking industry, Cannondale introduced their first bike, the Touring, in 1983. The bikes were not just any bikes, they were impressive to even the most seasoned riders. Cannondale handcrafted aluminum frames which left steel frames in the dust. The aluminum frames were larger, lighter and more rigid than the steel frames that cyclists had come to know all too well.

After realizing the success of their Touring bike, Cannondale immediately got to work on their next bikes, a road race model and a mountain bike model – which inevitably lead to their household name recognition and their success in the cycling world.

Tour de France – Cannondale

Hitting the Tour in 1997, Cannondale was the first bike company to feature enormous, brawny aluminum bike frames on the Tour de France. Leading the way in four stage victories during the ’99 tour, the Saeco team leader had only good things to say about Cannondale, and even said “Cannondale is the best bike!” Cannondale is impressive.

Pushing the Limits

Riding ahead of the competition, Cannondale pushed the envelope and introduced their first Carbon/Aluminum frame. Riders could be caught wearing the ever-famous jailbird striped shirts with the words “Legalize My Cannondale” printed on it.

Mountain Biking

While Cannondale became very well known for their street racing and touring bikes, they left no stone unturned with their line of mountain bikes. Up until 1990, Cannondale mountain bikes were struggling to make headway. Rather than standing out, they were blending in with the other mountain bikes in the pack. It wasn’t until the release of the first ever dual suspension bike — the Delta V, that Cannondale really dug in and put their name on the mountain biking map.

After introducing cyclists to the first ever dual suspension bike, Cannondale moved forward with their Super V and the famous Scalpel models. These bikes brought, and continue to bring riders to the winner circle. Driven by technology and innovation, Cannondale continues to lead the way in the mountain biking world.

From inventions like the Lefty fork and HeadShock combined with their aluminum/carbon frame design and superior suspension systems, Cannondale continues to claim victories in the most prestigious races around the world. Pushing the envelope of technology and mountain biking innovation has Cannondale excited about what the future will bring.

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