Cannondale Scalpel 29er

Cannondale Scalpel 29er Mountain Bikes

Nimble may not be what you think of when talking about a 29er mountain bike, but it is what the Cannondale Scalpel delivers. A strong, sturdy and nimble bike that will glide through your favorite trails as if you were riding on a mountain side rail system.

The lightweight design of the Scalpel 29er begins with the frame and works it’s way through all of the components, where Cannondale has left nothing to chance. Lightweight and usability is the focus of the technology put into this bike.

The Scalpel 29ers is running far ahead of the competition in the cross country 29er division. Loaded up with Cannondale’s signature Lefty fork, the most sturdy and durable frames on the market including alloy and carbon paired with lightweight, top of the line components will give you the competitive edge where ever you’re riding.

Some might ask if the Scalpel 29er is only for XC racers, but this just simply isn’t the case. The Scalpel 29er is not just for XC racers. Many riders have been riding the Scalpel since it’s introduction and ride this bike over all different terrains. Don’t feel like you need to be a pro racer to hop on this bike and enjoy the benefits. The Scalpel will easily impress you on any trail.

Scalpel 29er Mountain Bike

Benefits of the Cannondale Scalpel 29er

Smooth Ride

The Scalpel will deliver a smooth ride over most any terrain. Some have said that trails which used to beat them up have become a walk in the park while on the Scalpel, compared to their previous rides. With 100mm front and rear travel, this Cannondale can smooth out even the most daunting root-pits.

Along side a smooth ride, you’ll notice sharper and smoother handling. Digging into corners will feel like you’re riding the rails of your favorite roller coaster. The Scalpel 29ers race geometry is perfected with a more steep head angle than normal and a super short chainstay. Combined, these two features give you precise handling.

Ultra-Lightweight Design

The Scalpel 29 is made available with two different frame materials, the BallisTec Carbon and SmartFormed Alloy. Both of these frames come loaded up with the Lefty fork, an OPI stem and Hollowgram SL cranks which all help to reduce weight and provide precision riding. With these three major components made as light as possible, Cannondale has made the 29er Scalpel something to write home about. Stacking the Scalpel with the Shimano cog, shifters and break set ups, this line of lightweight 29ers blow the competition out of the water.


Increasing versatility, the Scalpel boasts a 10mm head tube spacer which can be situated on top of the head tube, for those who wish to have a race like handling or positioned on the bottom of the head tube, for those who prefer more trail like handling. Whichever position you use the spacer, it doesn’t affect the overall front end height.

Eliminating bottom bracket flex has people talking. Cannondale accomplished this on the Scalpel 29er line up by using the press fit full carbon BB30. It’s an oversized full carbon shell which guarantees no bottom bracket flex regardless of your power output. So hit the trails, this 29er is as sturdy and as light as can be.

 Scalpel 29er Precision

To round out this precision machine, the Scalpel 29er has a perfect carbon lay-up and stays that are engineered to only flex in a vertical manner while they remain stiff horizontally. Allowing vertical flex of the stays and stiff horizontal design makes the suspension of the Scalpel 29ers perform better without affecting power delivery.

The alloy versions of the Cannondale Scalpel 29er come equipped with ECS-TC double bearings in the dropout pivots which provide a smoother ride when compared to the zero-pivot stays.

Unmatched center stiffness give you complete control. Cannondale achieved this by using clamped 15mm thru axles in the shock linkage and swing-arm pivots paired with double bearings at the rear dropouts. This combination eliminated flex and gives the Scalpel unprecedented center stiffness for ultimate control while riding your favorite terrain.

Cannondale Scalpel 29er

Scalpel 29er Overview

Combined with all the added benefit of being a 29er mountain bike and 29er wheel size, the Cannondale Scalpel 29er gives you an ultra lightweight bike with a design made for perfect handling of switchbacks and trails rated for both beginner or pros.

The Scalpel 29er is a smoother ride than any hardtail on the market and gives you the same benefits such as tight cornering and the ability to navigate through various terrain.

The lightweight components of the Scalpel 29er make this bike an absolute joy to own and ride.

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