Cannondale Trigger 29er

Cannondale Trigger 29er Mountain Bike

The Cannondale Trigger 29er quickly followed the release of the Trigger 26er. There was loads of anticipation, and Cannondale has delivered on their promise to make an exceptional 29er mountain bike. Similar to the Diamondback Overdrive, the Trigger 29er has rolled off the assembly line and is dressed to impress. This 29er boasts an alloy frame, 130mm of travel and it uses a revolutionary shock to minimize travel as well as change geometry. Like Cannondale’s outstanding Jekyll, this mountain bike promises to ride like two bikes in one. It was immediately put to use on rigorous terrain, and this mountain bike performs like no other.

The Trigger 29er Mountain Bike

The Trigger is hot!

The cutting edge 29er from Cannondale is founded on the current Jekyll, Claymore as well as Trigger platforms, designed to use Fox’s DYAD RT2 pull shock. For this version, a handlebar remote decreases travel from 130mm to 80mm. The variation also reduces sag by 40 %, which increases the bottom bracket height and head tube angle—putting the Trigger in an attack position for climbing or even railing across rolling singletrack. This now recommended twin-chamber shock is remarkably tunable—each chamber has individual rebound adjustments and adjustable positive and negative air springs.

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The Trigger 29er’s aluminum frame includes ISCG chainguide mounts as well as a massive 3D forged, two-piece link. Like Cannondale’s other suspension models, this one utilizes clamped, 15mm thru-axles on the main pivots and double-row bearings on the rear pivots to improve lateral stiffness. The rear wheel makes use of a 142x12mm thru-axle and the bike’s curved seat tube tucks the rear wheel towards the bottom bracket, establishing a relatively short 17.6-inch chainstays.

Cannondale Trigger 29er

A quick note; While the Trigger is a popular model, if you’re looking to kick it up a notch and enter yourself into some races, you may want to check out the Cannondale Scalpel 29er. This bike has nearly the same feature line up as the Trigger, but one noticeable difference is the amount of travel — the Scalpel has 4 inches of travel, while the Trigger has 5.1 inches of travel, making the Cannondale Scalpel better for racing and the Trigger better for rough trail conditions. Either way, it’s something to think about.

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The Super Fork:

As impressive as the frame is, it may be upstaged by the fresh 130mm travel Lefty Supermax fork. It does not only weigh merely 4 pounds, this model is stiffer compared to any previous Lefty. The Supermax uses a 36mm lower stanchion that slides within a massive 46mm carbon upper leg. Cannondale states it is about 50-percent stiffer compared to their competition. Inside, Cannondale utilizes its PBR damper that boasts a push-button platform setting. Similar to the fresh bunch of Lefty forks, this one also makes use of a stack of needle bearings in addition to a round bushing on at the bottom of the upper leg to manage the sliding surfaces. A companion Supermax front hub enhances front wheel stiffness by 40 %, Cannondale claims.

To keep the bars as low as possible—critical for handling on a 29er—the fork features committed clamp sizes for every size frame. Additionally, the clamps provide less offset, which means bikers can use a stem as short as 50mm. Lefty designers didn’t stop there. To make up for for the shorter fork offset, they increased the front axle offset (also referred to as rake) to 61mm—more as compared to on many similar units. Increasing rake speeds up steering response time and that degree of offset tends to make a 26-inch mountain bike feel twitchy. In spite of this, the added stability of 29-inch wheels balances the whole thing out, Cannondale maintains. The intention was to improve the 29er’s low-speed handling, without disrupting its stability.

The Supermax comes only on the premium Cannondale Trigger 29er 1. Less expensive Trigger models use forks from Fox as well as RockShox with the max offset those brands offer—51mm.

In all, there are actually three models of the Cannondale Trigger 29er Mountain Bike. The Trigger 1 we’re talking about today makes use of the Lefty Supermax fork and a Shimano XT drivetrain; the  Trigger 2 is sold with a Fox 34 Float CTD fork, SRAM X7/X9 drivetrain and also Magura brakes; and the Trigger 3 includes a Rockshox Revelation fork, and an X-Fusion shock that lacks the travel-adjust feature of the other two bikes. A carbon version is also available.

Cannondale Trigger 29er = Perfection

Rolling over the most daunting obstacles, cruising through the most dreaded trails and turning huge hazards into minimal bumps, it’s hard to define the Cannondale Trigger 29er. It’s a well crafted machine that can help you power though almost any terrain or obstacle you can throw at it. The Trigger 29er provides fun like you’ve never had before, you wont believe what you can accomplish with this bike.

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