GT Karakoram 29er

GT Karakoram 29er Mountain Bikes

GT has been leading the way in mountain biking technology and innovation. The Karakoram 29er is a bike with high end, state of the art design and technology. It’s not exactly a 29er that a novice or mid-range mountain biker would want or need, it’s designed for the pro in you. It’s a powerful, lightweight mountain bike with a hydroformed aluminum frame and a huge list of ultra lightweight parts that not only keeps the overall weight of the unit to a minimum, but keeps you powering through nearly any terrain you come across.

The Karakoram was named after a mountain range spanning between China, Pakistan and India. The mountain range is thought of as a sub-range of the Himalayas. This mountain range is among the most rugged in the world and threaded with the most concentrated amount of peaks above 25 thousand feet in the world. It’s truly impressive, just like this GT 29er bike.

GT 29er Mountain Bike

GT Karakoram 29er Mountain Bike

Hydroformed Tubing

The Karakoram’s hydroformed tubing is a process where the designers can add thickness to the crucial areas of the bike frame while thinning out areas of the tubing where the stress points are non-existent. The purpose of this is to keep the frame as light as possible while providing a sturdy, ultra-strong frame that a rider can trust. The travel forks on this unit (100mm) give the GT Karakoram 29er the perfect shock absorption that allow the biker to have maximum control while navigating downhill through rough terrain as well as smoothing out rocky and rooty trails and riding over other obstacles.

29er Wheels

The 29 inch wheels give you a total advantage over the former 26 inch wheel models because it has the ability to roll over obstructions like rocks, roots and even timbers easier and with less effort than smaller wheels. The 29 inch wheels also give the rider extra traction on loose gravel, sand and muddy areas due to it’s larger contact patch — a longer area where the wheel contacts the ground.

Gears & Shifting

Like other bikes of this stature, this GT Karakoram 29er’s shifting set up is a Shimano – 3 speed front and 9 speed rear derailleur combined with Shimano Alivio rapid-fire shifters. Totaling out at 27 gears for butter smooth operation and quick response times that give you reliable, low maintenance shifting through the cogs allowing you to climb, speed up and continue pedaling at high speeds without having to worry about a rough, clunky shifting set up.

Alloy Components

Alloy steel components help keep the weight of the GT 29er to a minimum. Some of the alloy parts on this bike include components such as the seat post, handlebars and stem. These parts are examples of the time and care the designers put into this bike, they made sure every piece on this bike was made with the lightest weight materials possible without sacrificing strength and durability.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Rounding off the GT Karakoram 29er mountain bike is the impressive hydraulic disc break set up. The lightweight attributes of the alloy components combined with the hydraulic disc breaks give you massive stopping power in every trail condition. With the hydraulic breaks, you’ll have maximum control and the ability to control the bike and lower the speeds even in intense, high speed situations. The hydraulic breaks are a highlight of this well crafted and fully rounded 29er mountain bike.


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