Specialized 29er

Specialized 29er


Riding through your favorite landscape can’t get more enjoyable, so long as you’re on a Specialized 29er mountain bike. Other 29ers MTBs do the trick, but the Specialized 29er gives you the performance you expect from this highly trusted brand.


Specialized has crafted some of their best models, like the Rockhopper, Hardrock and Stumpjumper into 29er mountain bikes. Adding the 29 inch wheels to their already master-piece line up of bikes, the Specialized 29ers make for a perfectly well rounded brand who is moving forward and keeping up with the demands of bikers everywhere.


Specialized Mountain Bike

The Specialized Hardrock 29er, the Rockhopper 29er and the Stumpjumper 29er are built with top notch design and precision. As the rider, you’ll feel at home on one of these bikes. Whether you’re just getting started as a 29er rider, or you’re a seasoned pro – the lightweight, durability and reliability of the Specialized brand will fit your active lifestyle and be there to help you overcome even the most aggressive landscapes and environments. Stability. Control. Technology – Specialized 29ers are made to impress.


Specialized Stumpjumper, Rockhopper, Hardrock 29ers


Specialized 29er Mountain Bike

Size Doesn’t Matter

You often hear that 29er are for taller people. Are they? Sure, tall people feel right at home on the 29er mountain bikes. However, companies like Specialized and GT have done their homework. The Specialized 29er is built with all riders in mind and has been designed for riders of all size, not just taller riders. Shorter riders enjoy exact geometry craftsmanship, which allows every rider, regardless of height to enjoy the benefits of a 29 in wheel. Specialized 29ers are fun, easy to ride and ready to hit the trail.


Intuitive Handling

With the Specialized 29ers, you’ll enjoy intuitive and responsive handling because, well, Specialized mountain bikes are designed to be a leader in the industry. When they designed their 29ers, they made sure that the chainstays were kept short on all of their frames. Keeping the chainstay short on the 29er models insures that the rear triangle remains stable and stiff, which provides a very responsive ride. The use of shorter tapered head tubes also help insure that the front end is kept low for maximum control and handling.

Low to the Ground

The 29er Stumpjumper as well as the Rockhopper and Hardrock are built with a low center of gravity. When designing these 29ers, Specialized decided to keep the lower bracket at the same height of their 26 inch bikes. Keeping the same low bottom bracket allows the rider to sit lower, between the axles — causing the awesome feeling of riding ‘in’ the bike, rather than ‘on’ the bike. This low center of gravity riding position allows you to control the bike like never before. It also give the bike high stability, while not compromising comfort and maneuverability through any condition you may find yourself riding through.

Lightweight 29ers

It’s no wonder that Specialized is boasting the lightweight of their 29er models. Specialized mountain bikes has been producing ultra-lightweight bicycles for as long as I can remember. Every 29er model in their line up is designed for lightweight performance. They’ve included FACT carbon fiber frames, tubless ready Roval wheelsets, and even cut down weight throughout the other components of these bikes.

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